Sasan Amir

Wildlife documentation

„We have the privilege to be part of this stunning world and it is our responsibility to retain that for further generations.“

About me

My journey started at the age of nine when I got a cheap camera as a present. My curiosity about cameras developed fast into a strong passion and years flew by and I started to dedicate my life to photography and lately to filmmaking as well.

As I was also very interested in nature and wildlife things came together and I decided to study environmental protection and engineering to get a solid knowledge about the complicity of our planet. A few years ago I came to the conclusion to combine these two topics and focus myself on wildlife documentation. So a big part of my life is to plan small & huge projects and travel around the world while capturing mesmerizing moments.

Wildlife in general is a huge topic and I focused myself on most kind of predators. In the last two years I specialized on big cats like leopards, jaguars, lions and cheetahs. Most of them are unfortunately critically endangered and in urgent need of our support. My main goal is to spread the awareness of this topic with my art works.

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