One of our projects in India was to be part of the community and organisation “Sadhana Forest”.  The organisation is based in India and pretty close to the well known meditation temple in Auroville.  2016 I decided to go there to get a solid knowledge about sustainable building and reforestation.

We had working times from early morning around 5:00 AM till 12 midday due the intense heat and could choose between different tasks like: watering plants and trees, taking care of the tools and repair some if needed, prepare areas for new buildings, cleaning the solar panels and to help in the kitchen. All fruits & vegetables were bought regionally and was completely plant based. During the project we found several venomous & non venomous snakes, scorpions, and all kinds of birds. Also many local people visited the organisation which is fundamental to create a solid awareness. With the transparency of this organisation and the sustainable aim combined with low waste the locals do not only show acceptance but support.

And this is a very underrated point in many organisation because there is a little to no social bond between the from usually western countries created projects / organisation and the locals.

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