Wild Cats World is a big cat sanctuary in South Africa which i visited 2020/2021. The sanctuary focused on big cats like leopards and cheetahs and medium sized cats like caracals and servals. I helped them for 3 months to prepare the food on a daily base, check for the mental and physical health of the animals. I was also part of the relocation of different kind of big cats. The working days started with the sunset around 05:30 AM and ended the evening. We took care of each animal in certain ways: preparation of food, general checkup on their behavior, cleaning their habitats, feeding, enrichments. Especially the preparation of food was proportionally much work. We had different kind of meat which had to be prepared in right sizes for each animal.

The animals got moved from the first sanctuary to another location due a much better environment and it was very interesting to be part of this movement. All animals arrived healthy after a 800km ride through South Africa. Some of them needed a few days to adapt to the new sanctuary but they did all a great job in that.

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