‘‘Wildlife photography is crucial in addressing species decline. It visually communicates the beauty and vulnerability of endangered species, fostering empathy. Through captivating images, it raises awareness, igniting public concern and mobilizing efforts to protect and preserve threatened wildlife and their ecosystems.‚‚

Sasan Amir

Sasan Amir Tierfotografie

As I continued my journey in the realm of wildlife documentation, my focus sharpened on the plight of big cats, especially those facing critical endangerment. Leopards, jaguars, lions, and cheetahs have become the central subjects of my work, each frame aimed at conveying the raw beauty and vulnerability of these majestic creatures. It’s disheartening to witness the challenges they confront, from habitat loss to poaching, pushing them to the brink of extinction.

In the last two years, my commitment to the cause has deepened, and I have immersed myself in understanding the intricacies of big cat behavior, ecology, and conservation. This knowledge forms the foundation for my projects, which go beyond mere visual storytelling. I strive to weave narratives that not only showcase the awe-inspiring moments of big cat life but also underscore the urgency of conservation efforts.

My art serves as a powerful tool for spreading awareness. Through exhibitions, talks, and online platforms, I aim to connect people emotionally with these magnificent predators, fostering a sense of responsibility for their preservation. The challenges they face are not isolated; they are reflections of broader environmental issues that demand collective action. By capturing and sharing these stories, I hope to inspire a global audience to join the cause of wildlife conservation, ensuring a future where big cats thrive in harmony with our planet.

My journey into photography and filmmaking began at the age of nine when I received my first camera as a gift. Over the years, my passion for capturing moments evolved, leading me to dedicate my life to both photography and filmmaking. Intrigued by nature and wildlife, I pursued studies in environmental protection and engineering to gain a comprehensive understanding of our planet.

Combining my love for photography and environmental knowledge, I decided to focus on wildlife documentation, particularly emphasizing predators. In recent years, I have specialized in capturing the essence of endangered (big) cats such as leopards, jaguars, lions, and cheetahs. Recognizing the critical endangerment of these majestic creatures, my primary objective is to raise awareness through my artistic endeavors. This involves planning and executing both small and large-scale projects, allowing me to travel globally and document mesmerizing moments while advocating for the urgent support needed to protect these species.


29 Years old - started with 9 years with photography and with 19 years with videography


in Germany - working international on location/ remote - active in international projects at least 7+ months a year

Bachelor of science

Environmental protection and engineering - multiple longterm projects and internships


Professional photo & videocreator environmental protection and education, social media, networking and marketing projects

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