In 2016, I embarked on a transformative three-month volunteering journey in India, where my primary focus was supporting various organizations, notably the renowned “Sadhana Forest.” This organization specializes in sustainable building practices and impactful reforestation initiatives aimed at restoring habitats for a diverse range of wildlife.

India’s unparalleled wildlife captivated me, boasting an extraordinary biodiversity that encompasses numerous snake species, vibrant birdlife, and the awe-inspiring presence of leopards and tigers. My immersion in these ecosystems provided a firsthand understanding of the delicate balance between nature and human activities.

Fueled by the profound experiences of my previous trip, I am eagerly anticipating a return to northern India in 2023. This upcoming expedition will be dedicated to capturing the mesmerizing beauty of tigers in the expansive jungles of the region. The prospect of contributing to tiger conservation adds an exciting dimension to my journey.

Preparations for this adventure are underway, and I am grateful for the opportunity to actively participate in preserving India’s rich biodiversity. Join me on this exciting journey as we strive for a sustainable future, ensuring the protection of the country’s unique and precious wildlife.

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