Galapagos is especially due the historic background a very interesting point when it comes to evolution. So it was one of Darwins most important experiences referring to his evolution theory.

The main reasons for that is that the Galapagos islands have never been connected to any continent and therefore the flora and fauna is very unique. Many reptiles like iguanas, coastal birds and one of the most diverse marine ecosystems our planet does retain. The location and history of these islands fundemental why so many endepic species can be found there and some of them are even named after Darwin – like the Darwin Finch.

Galapagos is seperated into 21 islands and most of them are uninhabitated. I visited Santa Cruz, Isla Isabella and San Cristobal for 15 days in total. This trip will be continued in 2024 for another month and the focus will be on underwater wildlife filmmaking and photography. So my filmcrew and me will be diving most of the time around “Kicker Rock” San Cristobal to capture sea lions, all variety of sharks, turtles and fishes. We aim and hope also for dolphins and orcas which are very hard to capture.

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