For capturing the wildlife in South America trip started in Ecuador where I spent in total 10 weeks.I was most of the time on the east side of the andes in the amazonian rainforest area. Focussing on wildlife and nature conservation projects and getting used to not only a new country but a continent. High humidity and temperatures leading to an unbelievable biodiversity. Countless colorful plants and animals. I´ve spent 1/3 of my time in Ecuador in collaboration with a NGO called Yachana Foundation. You can find more information as it is listed dedicated under projects here.

I spent another third of my time in the foggy rainforests of Mindo looking for the most beautiful birds i have ever encountered and enjoying a much colder environment due the higher altitude and foggy weather.

Then i put alot of effort into networking there with more organisations and also other wildlife photographer doing one or two days tours to look for specific animals. Especially around the andes there are plenty of eagles and smaller predators.

The project was in collaboration with multiple brands and organisations. The first part of this trip started with a small project for National Geographic where i captured an Harpyie eagle which has been flown from Germany to Ecuador for breeding and rewilding purposes. The whole South America trip has been also supported by Sony and ColorPro.

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