Bolivia is well known for its wildness and huge Amazonian rainforest. Therefore it has been always very interesting for me to start a longterm project there. So I decided to spent there 7 weeks working in a sanctuary at the madidi national reserve and do many wildlife trips there beside my time in the sanctuary. To my work there i have a dedicated project called “ONCA” which is the animal rescue center I am referring to.

The biodiversity in Bolivia is compared to Ecuador also very high but different. Instead of coastal areas you have much higher altitudes and the Salar Uyuni which is ist biggest saltflat on our planet. Much more dense amazonian jungle and huge rivers. Definitely worth a trip.

But unfortunately i need to mention that the criminality there is really a risk and especially when you carry expensive gear. Also La Paz is a hotspot for thieves, kidnapping and drug criminality. On the other side in jungle you have plenty of viruses and bacterias which can affect our health fast and get serious damage. With that said still Bolivia is one of my absolute recommendations which definitely needs a good preparation in terms of planning, vaccines and the right gear to make it as safe as possible.

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